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HKK – Print – is one of the top players in the labeling business in Poland and beyond. HKK Print has
over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers. Through your label you communicate with your clients. Go ahead and rely on expertise and experience HKK – Print has, to create the right type of label for your business. Distinguish yourself from your competition, be innovative, and gain new customers saving money at the same time.


HKK_Consult specializes in WMS implementations. Our Warehouse Management System aims to optimize the movement of your inventory throughout the supply chain.By using AutoID solutions you are able to trace every move of your goods and equipment in real-time. Material handling equipment and warehouse staff become more agile, flexible and in general more efficient. Thanks to which all operations become smoother, your customer service improves and the return on investment is faster. 


It all started with barcodes - HIT-Kody Kreskowe became the leading provider of barcode technology on the Polish market. Today we supply over 5000 companies within Poland and the CEE region with various identification tools and solutions enabling their businesses to grow. We established close cooperation with global providers of AutoID equipment and software to be able to fulfill the needs of customers from the areas of industry and logistics.

Labels for marking

The goal of our company is to support enterprises form different sectors by providing the highest quality solutions for marking and product identification. Modern machine park, years of experience and expertise mean that we are able to manufacture labels in any size and shape.

Our offer includes paper, foil, laser and thermal labels, as well as special labels, such as tags, loops, wristbands and more. Depending on customer preferences, we produce labels printed on different materials, using modern techniques and improvement methods. Our products are characterized by excellent quality and durability.

Paper labels

Paper labels are very common and widely used in many different industries. They can be directly printed with all range of colours, and can be subject to different improvement methods, such as varnishing or embossing. Our paper labels can be adhesive or non-adhesive.

Foil labels

Foil labels are designed to be used when external factors can be damaging. They are resistant to radiation, extreme temperatures and mechanical damage. Thanks to their smooth, shining surface, they are characterized by excellent visual effects.


Laser labels

Laser labels ensure great prints and compatibility with laser printing devices. They are used in logistics, trade and manufacturing sectors. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, they guarantee precise and legible prints.

Thermal labels

Thermal labels can be used both in their simplest form, without printing, as well as with various graphic designs. Printing is done by heat emitted by the head of the printing device. These labels are used in the food industry, warehousing, marking of goods, etc.


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