• paper labels:These labels are produced in two versions: a self-adhesive and glueless. It’s the most common label currently on the market. It can be used in logistics (eg. The GS1 label), trade (eg. weighing labels) laboratories or manufacturing companies. They can be used basically whenever the durability of a label doesn’t have to be enhanced, when the label isn’t exposed to difficult conditions.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and can be delivered on rolls or sheets.

We offer pre- printed and clean paper labels. It is possible to use thermal transfer paper, which allows later printing of tape TTR, as well as thermal papers, for later printing - a less durable thermal method. It is also possible to use special paper that enables printing using laser printers. We produce labels for both inkjet and laser printers.  

There are a number of ways to secure paper labels if there is a need to increase their strength and durability.  If your line of business requires such labels please contact one of our sales persons who will be happy to assist you. 

Adhesives used in the production of self-adhesive paper labels are chosen accordingly to be able to meet requirements of each product and the environment in which this product is later used.

Different adhesives will be used for food products: adhesives certified for direct contact with food, and different ones for marking industrial products: strong aggressive adhesives that ensure perfect adhesion of the labels.

  • Foil labels: These labels can be manufactured in two versions: a self-adhesive and a glueless version. Labels of this type are usually used under special/difficult conditions: extreme temperatures, UV rays etc., in short conditions which can damage the label. Foil labels also demonstrate greater resistance to physical damage (burting, ripping).

    Foil has a special coating allowing perfect print quality using TTR tapes. We match foil labels to sizes specified by the customer and supply them on sheets or rolls. 

  • Tire labels:  foil or paper labels that can be glued to tires (rubber). The use of very strong adhesive makes the label a high traction.
    European Union directives require the use of tire labels for information purposes on each tire introduced into the commercial circuit.
  • Labels for extreme temperatures: deep-freezing and high temperatures: These labels are specially formulated so as to sustain subzero temperatures or very high temperatures up to 1000 C. They can be produced on both paper and foil depending on product requirements. These types of labels are used most often in the food industry, heavy industry and/or health care as well as pharmacy. Adhesives used in the production of these labels are certified for direct contact with food, blood and/or plasma.
  • Labels for laser printing: paper or coated foil labels supplied on sheets. Labels of this type are most often delivered in A4 format, using stamping on a single label within the framework of such a sheet. Labels for laser printing can use various types of adhesives: from weak ones that are easy to unglue/ unstick to those that are so strong that they basically can’t be removed.
  • Mixed labels: labels with an adhesive part often used to print documents for warehouses with an additional adhesive slip/part for returns. These types of labels are used especially in e-commerce. 


HKK Print manufactures all of the above labels in various colors and sizes, in the form of sheet-fed and thermoforming. Using a variety of top quality industrial label printing technologies we print thousands of different designs every month for hundreds of different customers.