Cardboard labels

We offer cardboard labels which, thanks to the use of high quality materials and careful finish, will certainly meet the expectations of entrepreneurs when it comes to promotional and informative functions. These products are manufactured not only for the garment industry, but are also used in differed sectors, for example for marking potted plants.

We offer cardboard labels in offset printing. This method allows to place a simple graphic element, such as logo, on the surface, as well as to mirror a high definition photo with the use of CMYK raster. Thanks to their high quality, our labels will allow you to attract the attention of potential customers and to encourage them to buy the product.

Our cardboard labels may include the following elements:

  • wordmark,
  • barcode,
  • serial number,
  • composition,
  • size table,
  • symbols for washing,
  • manufacturer’s address,
  • other data necessary to identify the product.

Our technological capabilities allow us to print multi-coloured cardboard labels, but also to use different kinds of modern techniques, such as lamination, embossing, stamping, ageing, silver plating, gold plating or secured printing. Our solutions are based on a wide arrange of products with different weights, sizes and shapes. The format, holes and prints are carried out in accordance with the individual needs of the customer.

Examples of application:

  • marking household textiles,
  • marking knitting products,
  • marking clothes and footwear,
  • marking household appliances,
  • marking plants in garden centres,
  • marking outlet and promotional goods,
  • as parking tickets and tickets for various sporting and cultural events.