Foil labels for marking products

Foil labels, like paper labels, are widely known and used, because only this form of identification can be used in some industries. Foil, due to its specific properties, is not only flexible and collapsible, but also appropriately durable and lasting - perfect even for difficult surfaces and variable storage conditions. Foil labels allow us to obtain better visual effects than in the case of paper labels due to high quality printing and glossy, smooth surface.

One of the advantages of foil labels is their reliability, which is why they are used when external conditions can damage the marking (intense ultraviolet radiation, acids, alkalis, aggressive chemicals, etc.). They are also much more resistant to mechanical damage (e.g. tearing).

We offer foil labels in two versions: adhesive and non-adhesive. The adhesives from verified manufacturers enable applying labels on glass, plastics and various types of metals. They behave perfectly when in contact with water and fatty substances.

Specializing in the production of labels, we print on all sorts of foil materials: white and transparent, matt, metallic, pearly, with acrylic adhesive, with adhesive for difficult surfaces, etc. For the production of labels we mainly use polypropylene, vinyl, polyester and polyethylene.

Our offer includes the following foil labels:

  • made of self-adhesive materials,
  • in the form of tags,
  • plates (attached directly to the product without the use of glue).

Selected industries that use foil labels:

  • food industry,
  • chemical and pharmaceutical industry,
  • construction,
  • wood industry,
  • cosmetic industry,
  • electromechanical and automotive industry,
  • trade, logistics, warehouses,
  • agriculture, gardening and horticulture,
  • health care.