Self-adhesive labels

We offer high-quality self-adhesive labels, which are one of the most popular forms of identifying products and goods in various industries. This solution is an indispensable element of virtually any packaging, significantly increasing its appearance, conveying the necessary information and attracting the attention of potential customers. Self-adhesive printed labels are universal and
can be used in various different ways, including as logistical and promotional solutions.

Modern machine park, years of experience and expertise mean that we are able to manufacture self-adhesive labels on rolls, with different shapes and colours. Through the use of appropriate techniques of printing we are able to achieve a wide variety of effects. We offer single-coloured and multi-coloured products made of various adhesive materials:

  • glossy,
  • matt,
  • semi-gloss,
  • self-adhesive films.

Self-adhesive labels can be additionally refined with lacquer or special laminate, thereby increasing their attractiveness and durability. At the individual request we can perform silver plating, gold plating or embossing, etc.

The basic types of adhesives used with our self-adhesive labels:

  • acrylic adhesive, characterised by very good adhesion,
  • rubber adhesive, ideal for use on rough surfaces,
  • rubber adhesive for deep-freezing, designed for non-uniform surfaces, can be applied at a temperature of not more than 50 degrees Celsius.

Self-adhesive labels can be used in all industries. In particular, they are suitable for:

  • marking food products,
  • marking electronic elements,
  • marking chemical products and pharmaceuticals,
  • marking baking product and confectionery,
  • marking clothes and textiles,
  • marking retail and wholesale goods.