Labels for thermal printing

In addition to paper, cardboard and foil labels, out offer includes high-quality thermal labels. They are available only in the paper form and they use thermal transfer tape for printing (printing is carried out thanks to a special thermal active layer that reacts to the heat generated by the head of the device).

Our offer includes a wide arrange of thermal labels in different variants, formats and shapes, designed for all printers available on the market, regardless of the manufacturer and the model.

Our thermal labels can be used without printing, as well as with prints in any colours and with the use of processing techniques such as:

  • print on the adhesive side,
  • typographical printing,
  • gold plating and galvanizing,
  • matt or glossy varnishing,
  • multilayer printing,
  • ink-jet personalisation,
  • IML (in mold labeling).

Our thermal labels are made on the following paper types:

  • standard thermal paper, intended for the production of labels not exposed to dirt due to low resistance to fats and water,
  • thermal paper with enhanced resistance to external conditions, moisture and fats,
  • thermal paper with double-sided coating, with very good resistance to external factors, tear and abrasion.

Thermal labels, due to their short lifecycle and low resistance to mechanical damage, are used mainly for marking packages, i.e. fast moving products, e.g. food, cosmetics, household chemicals. They are used when long lifecycle and resistance to external conditions are not required. In addition to the food industry, they are used in logistics, identification of goods and warehousing.