Tags &  sow in clothing labels: Type of non-adhesive labels used to identify products most of all in the following sectors: gardening, textile, food, construction. 

Paper/ cardboard Tags: tags made of paper / cardboard, often protected by special coating, which makes them resistant  against moisture, grease, oils or UV rays, etc..

Film Tags: tags made of various foil materials, characterized by higher durability than paper tag. Used as markers in various industrial environments. 

Wine Glass Fruit tags: Fresh produce tags (also known as wine glass fruit tags) are the complete solution for fresh produce packed in netls and/or bags. They can be custom designed for individual branding requirements, supermarket chains or promotional needs.  Supplied in rolls and suitable for running through thermal printers and inline print and apply systems, giving you the ability to customise your tag with batch numbers, barcodes, vendor numbers and packed on dates.