Cardboard, paper, thermal tags

We offer high quality label tags made of paper, cardboard and plastics (polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, etc.). They are designed for marking various types of products, which is done by placing the following details on tags:

  • bar codes,
  • names,
  • weight,
  • manufacture date,
  • certification,
  • serial number,
  • promotional information.

Sew-in tags are adhesive free, usually have perforations and holes for hanging. Each side of this product is suitable for thermal transfer printing, but prints on tag labels can be also made with the use flexography.

Our offer includes the following types of labels:

  • Paper/cardboard tags, made of high-quality paper/cardboard have an additional layer protecting them against grease, oil, moisture and ultraviolet radiation. They are designed for thermal and thermal transfer printing, but can also be printed with the use of polgraphy.
  • Foil tags, made of foil materials, are much more durable than paper tags. They can be used as markers in production processes or as decorative elements.
  • Wineglass (Fruittagi) labels are primarily intended to be used as closures of nets and bags for fruits and vegetables. These tags enable thermal printing, which allows for efficient and rapid product identification, but they also can be used as an aesthetic decorative motif.
  • Tags and textile sew-ins are used with clothes and fabrics. These are adhesive-free labels, supplied on rolls or in ready-made sheets, and can be printed with the use of flexography and then personalized with TTR technologies. Their advantage is high strength, thanks to which they retain their properties even after repeated cleaning.
  • Smoking tags are made of special materials suitable for contact with food. They are supplied on rolls or in sheets (they can be personalized with barcode printers). These tags are characterized by very good resistance to high temperatures occurring during the process of smoking.

We offer colour and standard white tag labels, with uniform and smooth surface guaranteeing good contrast for reading barcodes or other printed information. Both cardboard and paper tags, as well as plastic tags are characterized by good resistance to extreme temperatures, intense solar radiation, grease, moisture, chemicals and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, they do not get damaged during impregnation or drying.

Examples of application:

  • marking products in the apparel industry,
  • marking flowers, trees and bushes in gardening,
  • marking meat in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants,
  • marking luggage at airports,
  • marking products in the metal industry,
  • marking cartons in stores and warehouses,
  • marking wood in warehouses, sawmills.

Cardboard and paper tags are perfect for the apparel and textile industry, while polypropylene and polyethylene tags, characterised by increased resistance to external factors, moisture, extreme temperatures, etc., are ideal for the gardening sector, construction industry and steel sector.