• Pre-printed labels:​​ ​these labels can often be divided into decorative/marketing and information labels. Thanks to modern flexo press devices it is possible to achieve high print quality according to the offset standard. These labels can also be numbered serially or can contain a variable incremented bar code, 2D code or QR code (personalization using ink-jet technology).


- Gilding, metallisation paints, matt / shiny lacquers 

- Embossing - relief printing

- Printing of the adhesive side

- Multilayer printing

- Ink-jet personalizati

- IML (in mold labeling)

All labels can be manufactured in customized shapes and colors which will allow them to present your brand in an interesting way by standing out on store shelves.

HKK Print is able to manufacture a wide variaty of labels - using different materials and techniques, they are all however characterized by excellent durability and exceptional quality.

  • Bands: self-adhesive (with adhesive applied in order to stick the 2 ends together) or non-adhesive labels, which are used in order wrap a product. This type of solution can be produced using foil (including thermal), as well as paper (going as thick as cardboard). Bands can be used for example on food products to place all necesary information, logos etc, but they can also be used to protect a product against unauthorized opening. 
  • Wrap-around labels most often these labels are made with a special foil (white or transparent) and are used for labeling bottles, jars and other containers made of glass or plastic. These kind of labels are delivered in the form thermoforming (reel-fed) and the sheet-(cut & stack).
  • Peel-off labels : Labels that make it possible to place larger amounts of information/text on a limited area of the label. Printing multiple layers of the label, which can be easily peeled off by the customer, allows for comfortable placing of information. Using this type of solution allowes to save space on the product/container itself.
  • Variable Data / Individually numbered labels:  Thanks to digital printing capabilities, customers can have greater flexibility with their custom labels in a relatively affordable and quick manner. Variable data printing is available on digital label presses and can be used for printing serialized barcodes, consecutive number labels and more. Whether you have a labeling project with variable data or need personalized labels for a marketing campaign – digital printing is an efficient and effective solution.
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels: Popular in the process of labeling bottles and jars. The labels are digitally printed on a flexible shrink film that reduces in size (shrinks) through the application of heat. Once the film shrinks, it adapts tightly to the shape of the container or product, creating a sleek label and product package.
  • Labels for jewelers: Small specialized labels, covered with a colorless lamination foil. The raw materials used to manufacture these labels allow to create labels that are resistant to high temperatures and light conditions in the display cases. Because they are laminated it is difficult to twist, tear or in general destroy them. Their elegant design and color make them looks very stylish, a perfect match for high-end jewelry and watches.
  • Multilayer (Booklet) labels: Thanks to a special manufacturing technology it is possible to create a multi-layered label which are are a multi-panel leaflet that is laminated to a pressure sensitive label. Labels of this type have a content that changes on the different layers (alpha-numeric or code 1D / kod2D / QR code). Text and graphics can be printed on both sides of the leaflet and top layer of the base label. With no adhesive residue, multi-layer labels can peel back cleanly and re-seal for repeated uses. Multilayer labels can be made from paper or foil.