SPECIALIST LABELS: Many industries require labels made with durable materials that are resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, unfavorable weather conditions and environmental conditions (grease, oil, etc.)

Often security labes are also refered to as specialist labels. Product safety and freshness are huge concerns when the investments you’ve made in your products are at risk. A great way to ensure product contents are protected from tampering and premature spoilage is using tamper evident seals and labels. 

Furthermore these are labels that are able to provide security, whether they are required for brand protection or anti counterfeit purposes. The labels / securing tags can include barcodes for tracking a product and holograms representing the brand.

High temperature labels: specially formulated labels with excellent heat resistant qualities that ensure product identification, safety and instructional labeling do not degrade under harsh conditions.

Labels for low temperatures: self-adhesive labels with adhesives resistant to very low temperatures as low as -196 degrees Celcius, they meet the demands for cryogenic freezing process (liquid nitrogen, dry ice) they may therefore be safely and successfully used not only in laboratories or health care, but also in the food industry and in general anywhere where labeled products are exposed to low and ultra low tempratures.

Chemical resiatant labels: made of special filmic materials, that can be successfully used whenever a label has to come in contact with diverse chemical substances. They are popular in the industrial environment especially for the labeling of drums, cans etc.

Nameplates: Nameplates are self-adhesive labels made of specialized thick foil, often with metallic shade. They are used for permanent marking of electronic appliances, machinery and automobiles.

Permanent labels: labels with ultra-strong adhesive that prevents their removal. They can be used as an asset label.

Warning labels: made of a variety of durable foil materials informing about the possible dangers arising from the use of the product. Warning labels should remain legible and adhesive throughout a product’s lifetime.

Labels with special adhesives: HKK Print provides the possibility of using many types of adhesives, also created for the special needs of the customer.

Synthetic Tags:  non-adhesive labels, made of durable foil. They allow labelling where usual marking is not possilbe.