Labels and tags are used in the automotive industry for both production process identification and the labeling of finished products. We have access to a range of specialist materials to produce automotive labels. These include special high temperature nameplate materials, security seal products, anti counterfeit materials and specialist adhesives. Our products are used for tire labeling, mechanical parts and engine parts.


  • Self-adhesive:

Our self-adhesive labels are suitable for very demanding automotive applications and address a full surface-energy range of substrates used in automotive. Top-coated front materials provide excellent chemical resistance so your customers will have durable, legible labels throughout the lifecycle of their vehicle.

  • Security Labels (warranty seals):

Our  protective packaging solutions offer a portfolio of covert, overt and forensic components to protect your brand.
Our protective packaging solutions include:
2D hologram paper, watermarks and threads in the label
Tamper proof and tamper evident anti-counterfeiting labels and seals
Infrared taggants
UV microfibers and micro text

  • Nameplates:

HKK Print designs and manufactures a wide array of durable nameplates. We can print on metals and polymers, using standard colors, custom matched colors, or specialty inks. Our durable nameplates are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • High Temperature Labels:

Our high temperature PET labels are manufactured from high performance films that withstand extreme environments, retaining dimensional stability at temperatures as high as 150°C. HKK’s polyimide labels are specifically designed for long-term durability at temperatures up to 300°C, making them ideal for tagging printed circuit board.

Tags with safety features: tags made of multi-layered material with aluminum elements that can be detected using a metal detector.


Self-adhesive papers:
the raw material used for most common pallet or product labels
Self-adhesive foils:
foils used in label production -resistant to tough conditions
Laminates with aluminum: 
multi-layer laminates with aluminum-materials that can be easily detected by metal detectors.
High-temperature resistant materials: 
specialized synthetic materials resistant to extremely high temperatures (up to 1000 ° C).