Electronic products require specifically designed labels that are safe and durable in all servicing conditions.


  • High Temperature Labels:

Our high temperature PET labels are made of popular high performance films that withstand extreme conditions, retaining dimensional stability at temperatures as high as 150°C. HKK’s polyimide labels are designed to guarantee long-term durability at temperatures up to 300°C, making them ideal for tagging PCBs.

  • Nameplates:

HKK Print manufactures a wide range of durable nameplates. We are able to print on different types of metals and polymers, using standard colors, custom matched colors, or specialty inks. Our durable nameplates and labels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. We create our nameplates to last regardless of weather conditions, temperatures, abrasion, or exposure to harsh chemicals.

  • Security Labels (warranty seals):

Our protective packaging solutions offer a portfolio of covert, overt and forensic components to protect your brand. If an attempt is made to transfer a label to another product, or to gain unauthorized entry, these labels will make it obvious

  • Our protective packaging solutions include:

2D hologram paper, watermarks and threads in the label
Tamper proof and tamper evident anti-counterfeiting labels and seals
UV microfibers and micro text

  • Marketing Labels:

In order to promote your business it is essential to have a strong marketing strategy and marketing labels should always be factored in.

HKK Print creates labels both durable/functional and with great visual features that can help you raise the profile of your product.


PP, PE films:
are resistant to external factors, e.g. water or UV rays
Polyester films: 
special types of film which are used to produce labels resistant to high temperatures
Destructive films and VOID materials:
special films used for manufacturing security labels, tamper evident labels