In the textile industry, a wide range identification products is used. Many of them will be used to inform both customer and shop assistant about the price, size, color, variant etc.



  • Woven nylon / satin / silk / polyester labels:
    non-adhesive labels that can be sown into various kinds of clothes and fabrics. Our products guarantee  long term quality and resistance to damage caused by numerous washing, ironing etc.. 
  • Self-adhesive labels: 
    labels made of nylon or satin, but also paper and foil coated with various types of adhesives. They are used for labeling of fabrics and carpets.
  • Tags: 
    non-adhesive tags made out of stronger paper often as strong as cardboard popular to tag clothes, shoes etc..



Special Adhesives: 
adhesives with high adhesion and durability.
Nylon and satin:
fabrics most commonly used to produce woven labels
Self-adhesive papers and foils:
materials used in the production of basic/standard labels.
base material used often in the production of tags.