LABELS – FOOD EU Compliant Labels and Stickers

Our portfolio includes a wide range of labeling technologies for the food industry including paper, plastic, aluminum and resalable. . Your custom labels will not only be printed with EU compliance in mind, they will tempt consumers’ taste buds with original graphics and colors.Printing custom fruit and vegetable labels could be a complex process whether you need a tomato label or apple sticker because they all have to withstand varying temperatures, constant handling, moisture and more.



FRUIT /VEGETABLE: Printing custom fruit and vegetable labels could be a complex process whether you need a tomato label or apple sticker because they all have to withstand varying temperatures, constant handling, moisture and more.


  • Wine Glass Fruit tags:

Fresh produce tags (also known as wine glass fruit tags) are the complete solution for fresh produce packed in nets and/or bags. They can be custom designed for individual branding requirements, supermarket chains or promotional needs.  Supplied in rolls and suitable for running through thermal printers and inline print and apply systems, giving you the ability to customize your tag with batch numbers, barcodes, vendor numbers and packed on dates.

Are available in various sizes
Are custom designed
Can be overprinted using a thermal printer
Have a multitude of uses


  • Functional Labels:  

A perfect solution for bags/nets containing fruit and vegetables such as peaches, kiwis, tomatoes, etc. A printed ribbon, also used as a handle, can be applied to a package. The printing on the ribbon give’s details about the product, such as weight, price, batch-code, barcode, etc. The netted punnet guarantees hygiene, allows full view of the contents and may be easily picked and transported.


  • Self-adhesive Labels:

labels produced with a special adhesive approved for direct food contact. We produce both direct thermal labels (as the most cost effective solutions, allowing printing the labels without the TTR ribbon) as well as TTR label.


BOTTLE / JARS / PLASTIC PACKAGING (salad) glass or plastic packaging often require specific labels:


  • Transparent labels ("no label look"):

are perfect for glass or plastic containers, creating an illusion of there being no label. The clear film allows consumers to see product contents while at the same time protecting the printed image.


  • Self-adhesive labels (paper or foil):

multi-color labels for jars, bottles or other containers made of glass or plastic. Security seals: labels made of void or destructive material to secure all type of containers against manipulation.


  • Wrap-around labels:

most often these labels are made with a special foil (white or transparent) and are used for labeling bottles, jars and other containers made of glass or plastic. These kind of labels are delivered in the form thermoforming (reel-fed) and the sheet-(cut & stack).


  • Lids for convenience food:

lids for packaging of convenience foods (salads, ready meals) made from PE film which can be printed using digital or flexo technology. 


MEAT / CHEESE: meat and cheese products require special storage conditions and labels that fulfill those conditions. Our high quality labels can be used for packaging, promotion purposes or during all stages of the production process.


  • Blank labels:

self-adhesive blank labels made of various papers and films for further overprinting.

  • High Temperature Tags:

tags made of film resistant to high temperatures used typically in the process of smoking fish or meat as well as for other situations when the label has to be exposed to ultra high temperatures.

  • Open-close labels:

a popular solutions for cheese and meat packaging, allowing its multiple opening and closing.

  • Wrap-around bands:

 labels used most often on containers like boxes or jars, supplied in a roll or cut&stack form.

  • Scale labels: 

partially pre-printed labels used to indicate the individual weight of each product, that is directly printed onto the label shortly after the product is weighed.

  • Carcass Tags:  

high quality tags which are durable and tear resistant.



 All our materials and adhesives are certified for direct food contact.To make your label shine we can additionally offer the following methods of label enhancements:

hot/cold foiling
labels can be laminated for added durability