Proper labeling in the medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical industries is particularly important, labels have a significant role in operational efficiency, security and compliance. These labels have to communicate important information they also need to guarantee high-quality standards, they must be legible on products which are stored often in a very low or high temperatures. In the above mentioned industries a single product (eg. Sample/Test tube) contains specific information associated with only a single item - the most common solution used are bar code labels.

HKK-Print specializes in blank and printed labels for marking drugs and all pharmaceutical products as well as wristbands used in healthcare. Our extensive knowledge of materials and modern manufacturing technologies enables us to create labels designed that are that are waterproof, durable, scratch resistant and using ink that will not fade.


  • High Temperature Labels:

made of special foil to allow their use at very high temperatures.

  • Low Temperature Labels:

self-adhesive labels that ensure high performance with special adhesive resistant to ultra low temperatures as low as -196 degrees. They meet the requirements for cryogenic freezing processes (liquid nitrogen, dry ice) In consequence they may be safely used to label blood and/or plasma samples.

  • Labels resistant to chemicals and temperatures:

made of special materials, they are not vulnerable to chemicals such as Xylenol, isopropyl, DMSO and 10% HCl. They can be used as identifications in laboratories.

  • Identification Tags:

tags for drugs, medication, drips, appliances and all sorts of containers requiring identification at hospitals, labs etc. These types of tags can be individually identified using thermal printers or TTR.

  • Hang Tags:

labels attached to infusion liquid bottle or saline solution bottle they replace the handle on the packaging at the same time allowing to include necessary information on the product. This solution helps to reduce packaging costs and makes transportation easier.

  • Identification Wristbands:

Identification Wristbands are used to identify patients at healthcare centers. They are made of a special synthetic material with a bactericidal cover.
Wristbands with barcodes help to identify patients and eliminate errors that might occur when dealing with large numbers of people and medical products.
Our wristbands can be personalized at the production stage according to the recommendations of their users. They can be printed on thermal or thermal transfer printers.

HKK Print implements complete identification systems that allow the user to place data on the wristband, read them and register for further processing. Wristbands are available in many sizes, for children and adults.



PP, PE films:
allow labeling of pharmaceutical products, they are resistant to external factors, eg. water, Ultraviolet rays, chemicals etc.
They have proven to be far more efficient than paper labels.

Self-adhesive papers:
self-adhesive papers of different colors, from white, to gold or silver enabling print and labeling of products, boxes, pallets. They are the most cost efficient way to label products.

Polyester films:
special types of films which allow to produce labels resistant to high temperatures.

Films with antibacterial layer:
specialized films covered with an anti-bacterial layer.