LOGISTICS Labels and tags

used for logistic purposes are becoming more and more important, due to the growing complexity of the supply chain. As HKK Print we offer logistic and trade item labels that comply with GS1 standard. Such labels make it possible to track and trace items within the supply chain (traceability). Our labels help to increase the accuracy, functionality and overall performance of your supply chain.


  • Paper labels: 
    I ​abels frequently used in logistics. They can be supplied as both direct thermal or as a thermal transfer label.
  • Foil labels:
    allow full data traceability for a long time after overprinting. 
  • Laser printable labels:
    foil or paper self-adhesive labels for laser overprinting.
  • Combined Tags:
     combined sheet/self adhesive for overprinting, used as a return label in e-commerce business.
  • Labels for marking storage space:
     special materials for marking racks, floor storage, work zones. Not only allow the vision identification, but also ensure the correct reading of barcodes and 2D codes by mobile computers.
  • Labels with variable (individual) number:
    They are printed with an individual number or barcode.



Self-adhesive papers: 
the raw material used to manufacture the most common pallet or product labels.

Self-adhesive foils: 
materials used to produce labels resistant to difficult conditions.

Reflective foils: 
allow you to read information in the form of a barcode or 2D code in difficult lighting conditions.

Papers or foils with coating allows ink-jet printing: 
foils or papers enable color printing by ink-jet or laser printers.