Warehouse Marking

Each warehouse or production hall requires professional labeling to ensure safe and efficient functioning of the facility.

Below you will find a list of our products:

HKK Print’s fully trained installation teams are experienced in working with new building sites and operational facilities to ensure timely installations with minimal disruption.

  • Rack storage labels
  • Zone labels
  • Shelf labels
  • Gates and Dock labels
  • Health and Safety regulations boards

In our portfolio you will find huge scale projects (eg.  3 warehouses with a total area of over 300 000 m2) as well as medium and smaller storage units. We conduct complex implementation, organizing not only the work of working team but all necessary needed equipment as well for example: cranes, hoists, etc.

Warehouse marking is often a complementary service we offer during the implementation process of WMS – Warehouse Management Systems.


  • Floor labels:
     a label with a unique number and barcode or 2D code, used to identify warehouse zone.
  • Rack marking:
     foil labels, which allow full traceability of storage racks.
  •  Aisle labeling:
    labels placed on special double side boards to identify the ends of storage aisles.
  • Information signs:
    labels, which enable the identification of safety & security issues. 
  • Self-Adhesive labels:
     Labels printed on color label printers using ink-jet technology for ad-hoc labeling.  



Special adhesives: adhesives with high viscosity and long lasting durability

Reflective foils: which enable reading information included in a barcode or 2D code in difficult lighting conditions.

Laminates for securing floor labels: thick, transparent laminates for protection against abrasion.