Lumber processing places rigorous demands on bar code tags and labels. Our lumber tags withstand a variety of extremes ranging from harsh weather conditions to high temperatures and chemicals associated with lumber processing. Our Lumber Tag products track wood products anywhere from the log to the shipping and receiving dock, and onto the retail checkout counter. Similar characteristics describe labels and tags used by outdoor garden related businesses.


 Heavy-duty white plastic tag or label
 Is one of our most popular products because it is designed to last in some of the toughest environments. Typical uses include long-term outside storage and high temperature kilns.

Barcode tags and labels
help organize manufacturing and inventory management of lumber products which are critical to lumberyard operations. They need to be readable from assembly line to customer check-out. HKK Print delivers labels and tags that are built to last.


PP, PE films: 
films which enable the labeling of wood products- resistant to external factors, eg. water or UV rays
PEM films: 
resistant to external factors, allowing the labeling and stitching of labels on wood surfaces
this type of product is used for the production of identification plates allowing permanent marking and multiple applications of wood products
Polytag label material:
high-strength film tag designed for outdoor applications, ideal for nurseries and lumber mills.